CyberFrat Mumbai Meet – July 2017

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Vinayak WaghmodePosted on10:34 pm - Jul 6, 2017


Nareshkumar HaralePosted on2:23 pm - Jul 7, 2017

Registration for ctls DC tour. Pls confirm.

Regards Naresh

vivek dhariaPosted on5:07 pm - Jul 11, 2017

Register and confirm

Sagar ChilukuriPosted on5:00 pm - Jul 13, 2017

Hey Guys,

I got the link today and registered late. But I would like attend. Can you guys please confirm my reservation.

I would be great full.

Sagar ChilukuriPosted on8:44 pm - Jul 13, 2017

Hey Guys, I have registered late. I am interested to attend. Please confirm my reservation. I would be great full.

KumaylPosted on8:15 pm - Jul 14, 2017

I have registered but a little late. If anything can still workout then please let me know.

Archana BhashyamPosted on12:56 pm - Jul 17, 2017

The event was a success !!

It was worth the time spent that kept ourselves glued to the discussion. I felt a step ahead of what I was before attending the meet.

It left me with lot of questions and a thirst to learn more !!
Hope we have more such events to quench the thirst for knowledge !!

Thanks to the organiser and all those who contributed to the event !!!
Thanks Gaurav and Imran & Imran !

Cheers !!!

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