Daily Archive March 22, 2020

BySubham Paul

Enriching thoughts unfolded at the panel discussion on ‘Cybersecurity enabling businesses in COVID-19 situation’

In light of the pandemic that has taken the entire world by storm, starting with China and then the European Union turning out to be the new epicenter, businesses have suffered big blows. The negative disruption brought forth by the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus (or popularly known as the novel Coronavirus) has led to most organizations enabling their employees to work from home to ensure the continuity of their business. However, this brings with itself several implications from the cybersecurity perspective, along with people management issues in general. To throw some light on these issues, top security and risk management leaders took part in an intriguing virtual panel discussion on the topic ‘Cybersecurity enabling businesses in COVID-19 situation’ on 21st March 2020, hosted by CyberFrat – an enterprise risk management community.

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