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ByMohinee Singh

DevSecOps and Container 101 for Security Teams

Thursday, 30 July 2020 | 07:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Containerization has come a long way, and containers have entirely revolutionized the way companies build, test, package, and deliver software today.  Containers live in an ecosystem and are not deployed standalone within an enterprise. The use of containers is commonly associated with rapid DevOps-style workflows as a way to streamline service delivery from development into production (and back again) with a high degree of consistency throughout the lifecycle. The use of containers doesn’t require DevOps, nor does the use of DevOps require containers, but the two approaches are highly complementary, are used together in most places.

While containers have been an accelerated software delivery and provided controls to developers, it has created some unique challenges for the security teams to secure the infrastructure. Running containers and Kubernetes in production requires security and visibility, but the traditional security tools and methodologies are not adequate. Hence it is crucial for security teams to understand what containers are how they run and what are the options and techniques to secure them.

In the session, we will talk about how one can create DevSecOps culture inside the organization with an introduction to containers from the security perspective and how security teams can adopt new tools and technologies for container security.

About the Speaker

Deep Shankar Yadav

InfoSec and DFIR Practitioner

Deep Shankar Yadav is an InfoSec & DFIR practitioner with 8+ years of experience ranging from digital forensics to application security to infrastructure security. His main areas of interest and expertise are DFIR, Cloud Security, Cloud-Native Security, and container security.

BySmita Shitole

CF BYTES- Issue#12

Since COVID-19 crises are growing all over the world-wide all should take care of health and precautions against COVID-19. As the situation demands to work remotely for the employees and the organization. Work goes on sometimes smoothly sometimes with some problems but the privacy and security are harmed too much. We too need to take care of our security aspects in terms of the use of technology. Cyberfrat presents you with some issues of cybersecurity attacks and cybersecurity developments from the last fortnight you should be aware of. 

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ByMohinee Singh

Challenges & Dimensions of IT Audit

CyberFrat CXO Connect

A few things shall allow you to freely interact with industry leaders in the cybersecurity scene. With CyberFrat CXO Connect, explore untapped knowledge domains including career enhancement and mentorship opportunities via monthly webinars delivered by risk leads of prominent organizations. The 90 minutes of interaction includes a vivid informative session followed by audience engagement. 

Also, you can post your questions on Twitter before and during the sessions which our speaker shall entertain with utmost pleasure. Use hashtag #cfcxoconnect

We are pleased to announce the next session with Komal Vora, VP of IT Security Audit, Mizuho Bank.  She will be talking about Challenges & Dimensions of IT Audit for 45m and she will take 45 QnA on Audit, Risk, Cyber Security, Risk, or career guidance.

Challenges & Dimensions of IT Audit
Types of IT audit
Process of IT Audit
Real-life examples
Tools used

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ByMohinee Singh

Mind, Machine, and Market

Thursday, 23rd July 2020, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM

There has always been considerable interest among philosophers, psychologists, scientists, and common men in theorizing about the concept, the architecture, and the functioning of ‘mind.’ Here are some concepts and issues that we would ponder over:

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ByMohinee Singh

Business Agility with DevOps

Thursday, 16th July 2020, 07:00 PM – 08:30 PM

  • Understanding the need for Business Agility.
  • Identifying value streams to be optimized.
  • DevOps principles and approaches
  • Live example of DevOps on Azure platform
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CXO Junction – Roundtable Discussion on Challenges of a High-Performing SOC with Inspira Enterprise

Thursday, 23rd July 2020, 11 AM – 12 PM IST

CyberFrat CXO Junction – an attempt to step-up cyber-resilience

We at CyberFrat are pleased to invite you to our series of seminars, Roundtable and panel discussions wherein we shall witness CXOs and other business leaders responsible for enterprise security interact and discuss the evolving scene of cybersecurity and risk management, and also interact with several cybersecurity solution providers to learn about the latest developments in the industry and identify the most effective and efficient contemporary approach to minimize the damages caused by cybersecurity to the business.

Our initiative is conceptualized on the vision of creating a sturdy platform of learning for business leaders, implemented by fruitful discussions and supplemented by showcasing the most appropriate commercial technology solutions to boost the security of modern-day organizations. In this way, our participants shall gain priceless insights about the variety of threats looming over their organizations and also about the potential ways to counter them without jeopardizing the core business functions.

Challenges of a High-Performing SOC

As cyberattacks continue to make headlines worldwide, organizations that neglect the importance of fusing a pervasive security culture containing effective SecOps processes with skilled team players committed to doing their very best are making a catastrophic error in judgment.

A proliferation of security technologies alone will never stop cyberattacks or protect an organization from a possible data breach unless the correct playbooks are implemented and consistently operated by a skilled, motivated team with the full backing of the board of directors.

There are challenges in the traditional SOCs being implemented as well the Next-Gen SOC. Inspira’s SOC expert will make this a candid discussion into the legitimate challenges for SOCs today and how those challenges can be overcome.

About Inspira Enterprise

Inspira Enterprise is a leading digital transformation enterprise that combines bold thinking, path breaking technologies and years of expertise to transform businesses and organisations around the world. 

Headquartered in Mumbai, Inspira has satellite offices Pan India, Singapore, UAE, Africa & USA with a team of over 500 professionals. Established in 2008, our expertise lies in Cyber Security, Networking & Data Center, Smart Solutions that comprises of Smart City Solutions, ITMS & Digital Healthcare and ANKIOS, a single platform exclusively dedicated to next-gen digital transformation – Blockchain, Big Data & Analytics, and Cloud Computing technologies & Managed Services. 

Inspira is ratified with an ISO, CMMI Level 5, and Great Place to Work certified company. Over the last decade, we have assisted our clients in maximizing their business performance with domain expertise, innovative project management and comprehensive, full-spectrum services. Our clientele is spread across departments in the Government, Defense, Banking Financial Services & Insurance, IT / ITeS, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Smart City & Enterprise verticals.

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Smart manufacturing opportunity and challenge and be yourself with Yogesh Dadke

CyberFrat CXO Connect

A few things shall allow you to freely interact with industry leaders in the cybersecurity scene. With CyberFrat CXO Connect, explore untapped knowledge domains including career enhancement and mentorship opportunities via monthly webinars delivered by risk leads of prominent organizations. The 90 minutes of interaction includes a vivid informative session followed by audience engagement. 

Also you can post your questions on Twitter before and during the sessions which our speaker shall entertain with utmost pleasure. use hashtag #cfcxoconnect

We are pleased to announce the next session with Yogesh DadkeAPAC IT Leader, Adient Technologies LLC. He will be talking about Smart manufacturing opportunity and challenge and be yourself for 45m and he will take 45 QnA on digital, innovation, Cyber Security, Risk, or career guidance.

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Cyber Crisis 2020


CF MasterClass On Operational Risk

Operational risk summarizes the uncertainties and hazards a company faces when it attempts to do its day-to-day business activities within a given field or industry. With volatility in the business today, Operation risk is the most important thing someone should consider. Operational risk focuses on how things are accomplished within an organization and not necessarily what is produced or inherent within an industry.

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Yoga with CyberFrat

Yoga teaches us to keep an overriding principle in mind as we flow through postures. By controlling our breathing, we stay centered on our practice, we go deeper in our posture, and we eliminate the anxiety that comes from holding a posture for a period of time. Each provides the guidance we need to improve our effectiveness with the specific tools/levels used to protect our organization and users.

CyberFrat Brings 1 hr complimentary Yoga session for all CF Members this Sunday, 5th July 2020, 08:30 AM to 09:30 AM with Atul Anand.

Here is Atul’s Article on Importance of Yoga – Way to Lead Healthy life, which gives to more insight on why it is must for IT & Security professionals.

Atul Anand is a GMBA ’11 alumnus from SP Jain School of Global Management with a specialisation in IT Management.  He has also completed the “Advance Program in Strategic Management” from IIM Calcutta. Atul is an active volunteer for “Art of Living” foundation and has been practicing yoga since more than a decade now. He has conducted several Yoga sessions across different organizations in the world : Toll Technology Center, Syngenta employee across Asia Pacific (more than 10 nationalities). This internation Yoga day as well, he taken back to back online sessions with different ppl across on Yoga

He is Certified Digital Transformation officer ( from GSDC, EXIN and OpenSAP-  only one in the world to achieve this) . He has won more than 22+ awards ( CIO awards ) for his professional and social work . He has cleared more than 25+ Professional certifications such as Blockchain, AI, Digital Service Management. He is certified trainer and advisor board member for GSDC . Also he taken several webinars/ seminar sessions on Digital transformation, Blockchain, Agile, DevOPS. He is an avid blogger : written multiple blogs on Importance of Yoga and Digital technologies and tranforamation. With more than 15 years of experience in different multinationals across the world, he is currently working with Toll Technology Center leading Transition Management, PMO- Application services . He worked with Syngenta Service Private Limited, Pune as Regional Client Experience Manager- APAC. At APAC, Atul was responsible for more than 300 Business Users across 15 countries. 

Basic Instructions – Dos and Don’ts

  • 1 hour of Yoga session on online Zoom Meeting.
    • 15m introduction
    • 30m Yoga
    • 15m QnA
  • Attendees to wear loose cotton clothes
  • Yoga Matts should be made available
  • The preferred mode is a live stream of video while doing yoga.
  • Preferred time for doing Yoga is in the morning with empty stomach and after taking a bath. 
  •  Immediately after Yoga session try avoiding any cold or hot drinks (tea/Coffee) or food. It can be done after ½ an hour. 
  •  Don’t take bath immediately after Yoga
  • Drink lots and lots of water during the day to avoid any kind of fatigue.

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