CF BYTES – Issue #2

BySubham Paul

CF BYTES – Issue #2

A cyberattack is always a piece of bad news for every concerned stakeholder of the victim. Similarly, any new development in cybersecurity needs to reach to every modern-day user, either as a part of an organization or the public in general. In this regard, we bring to you the top 5 cyberattacks and developments in cybersecurity that were observed in the last fortnight in this latest edition of CF Bytes.

Top 5 cyberattacks

  1. The iPhone of Amazon’s Chief Executive Jeff Bezos was hacked after he received a WhatsApp video containing spyware. (read more…)
  2. A leaked report shows that a major cyberattack of last year compromised 42 servers of the United Nations. (read more…)
  3. SpiceJet suffers a massive data breach that exposed the data of over 1.2 million passengers along with internal data regarding flights. (read more…)
  4. Greenville Water, a South Carolina water company faced a cyberattack on its phone and online payment systems. This affected 500,000 customers and the company has been taking steps to recover from the attack. (read more…)
  5. Electronic Warfare Associates (EWA), a US government technology contractor faced a Ryuk ransomware attack. Most likely, the entry medium was a phishing email. (read more…)

Top 5 cybersecurity developments

  1. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification version 1.0 was unveiled by the Pentagon which has multiple cybersecurity standards across 5 levels that its associated companies have to follow. (read more…)
  2. ImmuniWeb‘s research on 100 of the world’s largest airports for web and app security showed that 97% of airports showed weak signs of security, including outdated software and non-compliance of GDPR. (read more…)
  3. It was found that most financial institutions are exposed to a dangerous vulnerability involving GPS systems that can put connected machines, especially ATMs, at a huge cybersecurity risk. (read more…)
  4. The US Securities and Exchange Commission laid out new cybersecurity practices to be observed in the financial industry which include patch management, incident response plan, and employee training. (read more…)
  5. Meditology Services LLC, a healthcare cybersecurity and privacy consulting company, has been ranked as the ‘Best in KLAS’ firm for Cybersecurity Advisory Services. (read more…)

Stay tuned to CF Bytes for more periodical updates on cyberattacks and developments in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.



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Subham is a technology enthusiast with keen interests in cybersecurity, automation, data analytics, and information systems. A Computer Science engineer and a former web developer, he is currently pursuing his MBA at IIT Kharagpur. His other interests lie in writing and singing.

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