CF BYTES – Issue #3

BySubham Paul

CF BYTES – Issue #3

It is just the second month of the new year and we have already been fed with a huge array of developments in the cybersecurity industry. At the same time, the incidents of cyberattacks have been on the rise, continuing to affect organizations and society at large. With this, CF Bytes is back with the latest issue about the major global cybersecurity developments and cyberattacks in the last fortnight.

Top 5 cyberattacks

  1. A hacker named Phineas Fisher published more than 2TB of data from the Cayman National Bank. This data includes more than 640,000 emails and the data related to more than 1400 customers. (read more…)
  2. EKANS, a mysterious ransomware has set industrial control systems as its targets. This is apparently the work of cybercriminals, rather than nation-state hackers. (read more…)
  3. The computer network of Lawrence County, Indiana government was breached by hackers, damaging multiple critical systems. Fortunately, the county’s 911 system was spared. (read more…)
  4. East Bay biotech company suffered losses of $20 million post a ransomware attack. (read more…)
  5. Red Kite Community Housing has been robbed off more than £932,000 after its domain and email details of known suppliers were mimicked by cybercriminals. (read more…)

Top 5 cybersecurity developments

  1. IT admins patched 80 percent of public-facing boxes of Citrix to close the now-infamous hijack hole. Around 20% of the devices vulnerable to the CVE-2019-19781 flaw (also called Shitrix), which allowed remote hijacking, remain unpatched and vulnerable to remote attacks. (read more…)
  2. The World Economic Forum developed a Cybersecurity Due Diligence Assessment Framework that consists of two parts, namely organizational security and product security. Investors can use this framework to evaluate an organization’s cybersecurity along with the security of technological or product innovation. (read more…)
  3. Deep Instinct, an Israeli cybersecurity company that employs machine learning in predicting, identifying, and preventing cyberattacks, raised $43 million in a Series C funding round. Nvidia, Millennium New Horizons, and LG join Samsung and HP as the firm’s investors. (read more…)
  4. Researchers from Cardiff have recently written software that can detect and classify cyberattacks on smart home devices such as speakers, security cameras and thermostats. In tests, it identified attacks on such devices (e.g.: Amazon Echo Dot and Apple TV set-top box) with around 90 percent accuracy. (read more…)
  5. Accenture recently introduced a new Cyber Incident Response Service for AXA XL clients. This service can help the business in responding to a cyberattack and in initiating an immediate recovery protocol. (read more…)

Stay tuned to CF Bytes for more periodical updates on cyberattacks and developments in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.



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Subham is a technology enthusiast with keen interests in cybersecurity, automation, data analytics, and information systems. A Computer Science engineer and a former web developer, he is currently pursuing his MBA at IIT Kharagpur. His other interests lie in writing and singing.

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