#CFInfluencia Series: Interview with Praveen Singh

#CFInfluencia Series: Interview with Praveen Singh

  • Mohinee Singh
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  • November 25, 2022

1. Describe your journey in cybersecurity so far

I earned a Bachelor of physics/ Science in 2007 in Delhi, India. I love science because I love asking questions, being able to perform experiments, analyzing their outcomes, and trying to find a resolution if there is a problem. However, you may ask why I didn’t pursue my career in physics instead, I wanted to embark on the realm of cyber security.

The real story starts here! While studying, I have started expanding my LinkedIn network to include professionals across the cybersecurity domain and recruiters. In doing so, based on the knowledge from my studies, self-research, and small-scale projects, I have posted cyber security articles on Linkedin.

Since I knew communication skills are also very important in the cyber security sector, I have actively exchanged knowledge and put my ideas forward on social media platforms. This of course did not go unnoticed by cyber security enthusiasts. I think communication is not only being able to express your views, but it is also being able to respond to criticism and acknowledge the views of others in a polite and appropriate manner if they are opposite of yours. I have learned this along the way.

As a new graduate without professional experience, I took up jobs and accepted IT and cyber security roles without financial expectations. In my case, I challenged and confronted myself BUT the most important thing is that I always BELIEVED IN myself!

I was armed with a curious mind, an affinity and passion for cybersecurity and technology, and the ability to easily adapt to new situations. After getting good exposure and experience, I began to look at my career path—where I wanted to pursue my passion in “Cyber security consulting and advisory”.

Over the past 15 years, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is this: if you want to stay relevant in cybersecurity, you can never stop learning. This is true in many areas of life, but it is especially true in cybersecurity.

2. According to you which are the top 2 threats in Cybersecurity?

According to me, The most common cyber security threat employees fall for is phishing attacks. With attacks growing more advanced, many employees don’t have the skills to identify a phishing email. Additionally, many employees engage in poor cyber security discipline, using the same password for work and home computers.

Other side Ransomware attacks are still lucrative for cyber criminals because victims pay ransom — and the threat is still evolving

3. Your significant achievements/awards in cybersecurity industry

“Cybersecurity Community Service : One of The Greatest Achievement in My Life.”

4. One piece of advice to the new cybersecurity leaders.

I would request all cybersecurity leaders to contribute some of their time towards cybersecurity community services. “Volunteering can help in building more empathetic future cybersecurity leaders.

5. Your journey with CyberFrat & Feedback for CyberFrat

I always believe that “Continuous learning is the key to success, especially in the cyber security industry.” I joined CyberFrat as a Gold member in December 2020 and realized that CyberFrat is a really Great Cross-Training Platform for Nex-gen Cybersecurity & Risk Leaders.

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