#CFInfluencia Series: Interview with RAJEEV KHADE

#CFInfluencia Series: Interview with RAJEEV KHADE

  • Mohinee Singh
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  • December 7, 2022

1. Describe your journey in cybersecurity so far

I started my IT career way back in 1990. At that time it was all 286 386 PC’s and computerization had just started. At that time the kind of IT and security awareness was very very minimal. Computer virus was considered as a big threat and if it makes an entry into any computer or IT environment then it use to cause a big panic across the organization. To counteract the virus the antivirus file definitions was the only remedy and to keep all systems with latest file definitions. IT staff had to spend lot of time in ensuring that all computers are updated in a timely manner. Since that time the overall Cybersecurity has undergone a much awareness and lot of things are done and still underway to ensure that the computer systems are latest and necessary precautions are taken to keep the cyber attackers are kept away.

2. According to you which are the top 2 threats in Cybersecurity?

I feel that Phishing emails to which the users fall pray easily and the ransomware attacks are the two biggest threats in todays environment. Creating more & more awareness among the users is very much required to keep such attacks away.

3. Your significant achievements/awards in cybersecurity industry

“ Cybersecurity Life time achievement award ”is one of the most influential award that I have received.

4. One piece of advice to the new cybersecurity leaders.

Cybersecurity leaders should continue to create awareness among the users so that the users are aware of the latest threats and how to handle/ steps to avoid such attacks.

5. Your journey with CyberFrat & Feedback for CyberFrat

I joined CyberFrat a year back. I have observed that CyberFrat team is always engaged in creating training and awareness in the Cybersecurity field which is helping this user community to be better prepared to stay away and handle the attacks ( if at all it happens) I Appreciate the team’s work.

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