CXO Junction Cricket League presented by Kaspersky

CXO Junction Cricket League presented by Kaspersky

  • Mohinee Singh
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  • May 24, 2022

In the past year’s pandemic, we all were locked in our homes with laziness, boredom, and our workload through online mode. From youngsters to elders, all became homesick and enjoyment lost somewhere. Therefore, to bring real-life entertainment back, we at CXO Junction with our Swag partner Qseap, and Associate partner Culsight launched Cricket League to have some fun in 2022 which was presented by Kaspersky.

There was a total of 6 teams that were divided by color namely Team Red as Brute Force having captain Rajendra Bhalerao, Team Blue as Bleed Blue having captain Ramesh Gurram, Team Green as Green Knights having captain Deryck Rodrigues, Team Purple as Purple Panthers having captain Dhaval Pandya, Team White as White Worriers having captain Bhavesh Lakhani, Team Yellow as Crease Hunters having captain Umesh Parshetye.

The whole league was divided into four respective levels which were Group matches, Bazigar Match, Semi-Final, and Final. The Semi-Final was again divided into two parts Semi-Final1 and Semi-Final2. The very first that was group match was held as per the schedules and through that, the teams were forwarded to the Bazigar Match. The Bazigar Match was between Green Knights Vs Bleed Blue and Team Blue won the match. The Semi-Final1 was between White Worriers Vs Crease Hunters and the winner was Team White whereas Semi-Final2 was between Brute Force Vs Purple Panthers and the winner was Team Red.

With the enthusiasm and fun, all the team gave their best to win were to boost their energy in between the matches, players relaxed by having refreshments and snacks. And with all the power our finalists were Team Brute Force and Team White Worriers, with all the wait the winner of the evening was “Team Brute Force”.

After the matches, we had arranged delicious dinners for our players to have some gossip and fine food at the end of the day.  Not just this but we have also arranged dance and firework so that the entertainment will have ice on the cake.

This Cricket League was held to have some time for ourselves with CXO’s family and have some fun with the play. As we believe that there is no age bound to have fun with our colleagues, we had a great time together with lots of sweat out, laughter, competition and full of fun.

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