Digital Security Program

Digital Security program is based on theme of online group study, for the members, by the members and to the members. Each month there will be an assigned topic, where we will be taking on google group about how to be expert in that area, what kind of available information we have, what are the career roadmap and certificates available. Topics will have essence of security but will not be limited to it. We will be having sessions on trending technologies as well (AWS, IOT and Data Analytics, Blockchain)Ev.

Each month there will be two web-based sessions from subject matter expert on topic of the month to provide you in depth and practical knowledge on the topic and to resolve all your queries.

Every Last week of the month,an assignment will be given and on completing the assignment you will get the certificate of completion for that month’s topic. Also, the best submission will be rewarded with a gift/goody

This platform brings a huge opportunity for networking with peers, SMEs and senior professionals of the industry. There will be a Bi-Monthly chapter meet to network with other professionals in your local area. Currently we have meetings scheduled in Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai. We will meet in Delhi soon and have subsequent plan to extend these meets to other cities like Hyderabaad, Ahmedabaad and Chandigarh. Apart from these meets we will provide Special discounts for conferences‌ and events in your area.

Also, students will get Internship Opportunities and Mentoring Career guidance by industry experts.

All Members will be provided with the CyberFrat unique membership ID which provides you first prefrence and seat oppurtunity in chaper meets and exclusive partner events compared to other members. Also with CF ID you can earn rewad points for attending cyberfrat webinars, meet ups, completing assignment and for reffrals, which can be redeemed for exciting prizes.

Join Digital Security Program today for half the price of a coffee (Rs 100) per month.

1200 Per Year for Student Membership

1800 Per year for Professional Membership

Chapter Wise Details
Chapter 1 – April 2019 - Cybercrimes - The reason we need cybersecurity
Chapter 2 – May 2019 -Fundamentals – Basics of Cyber Security
Chapter 3 – June 2019 -Network Security
Chapter 4 – July 2019 -Application Security
Chapter 5 – August 2019 -Defence in Depth – End to End Security Solutions
Chapter 6 – September 2019 -incident Response Management
Chapter 7 - October 2019 -Cyber Law and Investigations
Chapter 8 – November 2019 -Digital Forensics Part 1
Chapter 9- Decemeber 2019 -Digital Forensics Part 2
Chapter 10 – January 2020 - Risk, Control and Audit
Chapter 11 – February 2020 -Data Privacy
Chapter 12 – March 2020 -Cloud Computing 1 – Implementation of Secure VM
Chapter 13 – April 2020 -Cloud Computing 2 – Software Development
Chapter 13 - May 2020 -Data Analytics using Cloud Computing
Chapter 15 – June 2020 -Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Chapter 16 –July 2020 -Use of AI in Cyber Security
Chapter 17 – August 2020 - Secure IOT Development
Chapter 18 – September 2020 - Artificial Intelligence with IOT
to be continued...

Ritesh Bhatia is a well known Cybercrime Investigator and Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Consultant and has an experience of 20 years in the cyberspace. He is popularly known for his Cybercrime Investigations and has been successful in solving many cases for corporates, law enforcement agencies and individuals in India and abroad. His recent case on busting a whatsapp group that was circulating child pornography was well appreciated not just by the Indian police but also by Interpol. Ritesh also played the role of his real life self as cybercrime investigator in MTV’s superhit show MTV Troll Police. He is the founder director of V4WEB – a top 25-company well known for creating secure web and mobile applications.