Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit – Mumbai


Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit – Mumbai

We are proud to announce CyberFrat as a Supporting Association for the Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit 2017. The event will address contemporary challenges and topics of particular interest to the Indian and Asia practitioner community, such as path-breaking innovations and technologies, building stronger incident response mechanisms, defense against the ransomware epidemic, tackling insider threat, securing the cashless payments infrastructure, threat intelligence, information sharing, governance and compliance challenges, security IoT, among many others.

CyberFrat members can now register and avail the conference at a special discount rate of Rs. 8200 + taxes (against Standard rate of Rs. 12,000 + taxes).

Be a Member of CyberFrat by filling the form and write to to receive Coupon Code.

Fraud & Breach Prevention Summit: Mumbai

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