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Benefits of CyberFrat Free Membership

  1. Access to All CyberFrat Local Chapter Meets
  2. Network opportunities with other professionals across Globe
  3. Latest updates on industry news, jobs, internship and candidature requirements
  4. Part of Cyberfrat WhatsApp and Google Knowledge Sharing Group
  5. Invite to Exclusive Coffee with CyberFrat Sessions
  6. Invite to CyberFrat Thursday Sessions

Benefits of CyberFrat Plus Membership 

  1. All CyberFrat Membership Benefits as mentioned above, plus:
  2. Free access to our monthly Digital Security Program
  3. Access to all recording of sessions and keynotes materials.
  4. Grooming, Mentoring  and Career Guidance Sessions by Industry Experts
  5. Access to CyberFrat Microsoft Kaizala group for knowledge sharing
  6. Free Passes/Special  Discount for conferences, Partner events, and Training
  7. Access to Cybefrat RED and All Upcoming Programs
  8. Get Yearly Subscription of Digital 4n6 Journal at 20% off

CFPlus Membership Pricing

Cyberfrat Plus membership price.

Student Membership

1 Year – ₹1200
3 Year – ₹2700 (25% discount on ₹3600)

Professional Membership

1 Year – ₹1800
3 Year – ₹4500 (17% discount on ₹5400)
5 Year – ₹6000 (33.33% discount on ₹9000)

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It's just the beginning of DSP phase 2.There will be 5 days on Cloud Security this month and the contents will be in…

Posted by CyberFrat on Sunday, 17 November 2019
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