Digital Security Program

It always makes sense to be around the right people to know the right things. In our Digital Security Program, you shall find yourself in a group that sticks together and learns together in a virtual meeting environment. A specific topic is assigned every month which becomes the general theme for discussions and provides the base for sub-topics related to it. From diving into emerging technologies such as Data Analytics, IoT and Blockchain, to exploring certification opportunities and career paths, this is the perfect place for you to diversify your knowledge and prepare yourself to tackle the competition that exists all around.available. Topics will have the essence of security but will not be limited to it. We will be having sessions on trending technologies as well (AWS, IoT and Data Analytics, Blockchain).

Local Chapter Meets

We regularly facilitate platforms for our members to network with their peers and industry experts with tons of experience. In our series of Bi-monthly chapter meets, our members make the most of the golden chance and capture knowledge to the fullest in their very own city. As of now, we host our meets in Pune, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Very soon, our footprint shall be seen in other cities too, such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Chandigarh. Check out our Instagram profile and YouTube channel to get a sneak-peek into our local chapter meets and watch the recorded sessions.

CyberFrat Jobs

Experience networking at its best at CyberFrat! Our student members are regularly offered internship and mentoring opportunities, apart from the plethora of job openings communicated to the professionals who form a part of our community. Thanks to the wide network of professionals, CyberFrat members across all levels of experience get the benefits of being connected. Once you register with your skillset, your profile shall be circulated amongst all CyberFrat members and relevant opportunities shall be presented for your perusal.

CyberFrat Quiz

Bring out the quizzer in you every month! If you think you have what it takes to beat the rest about the topic of the preceding month’s Digital Security Program, the CyberFrat Quiz is the ideal platform for you to showcase your knowledge and talent. This quiz is open for all CyberFrat members and is hosted on Kahoot. The three podium finishers win e-certificates and the winner takes home an Amazon voucher worth INR 500!

CyberFrat Thursday

One of the most talked-about programs, CyberFrat Thursday allows us to present bimonthly opportunities to our members to learn from guest speakers over engaging webinars. The topics of discussion range from emerging technologies, cybersecurity trends and risk management to several developmental elements such as grooming, motivation, resume writing, interview tips, and general soft skills. What’s more, you can provide suggestions on future sessions and even nominate yourself as a speaker to throw light on relevant topics of discussion. Conducted every alternate Thursday, the details of every CyberFrat Thursday session are announced on our Instagram page a few days preceding the session. Moreover, attending these webinars can also help you win books recommended by our speakers! For this, answer the three questions posted as Instagram stories on the three successive days post the webinar. The lucky winner shall be unveiled on the day of the next CyberFrat Thursday session!

CyberFrat Shots

For those who prefer the fast lane, the best thing to gain out of being a part of our community is to get regular doses of CyberFrat Shots! These 3 minutes long video bytes are specially curated by subject matter experts who explain emerging technologies, information security and risk in a nutshell to our privileged members!

Coffee With CyberFrat

When it comes to coffee meetings, think beyond dates and business deals! A unique program, Coffee With CyberFrat brings together professionals and students to discuss about developments in cybersecurity and career paths over their favorite brews. The outcome of such meetups is a refreshed bank of knowledge and priceless guidance for those looking to build a strong career in the cyber industry. What makes CWC even more special is the informal touch, by which members of our closely knit community decide the timing and venue of the meet and enjoy the discussion.


We regularly collaborate with various international as well as local organizations to obtain discounted entries for various conferences and training programs for members of our community. We are fortunate to have a strong relationship with our collaborators such as ISMG, Infosec Foundation, and Computer Society of India to name a few. For more details, reach out to us through email or our Kaizala group.