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CyberFrat brings a unique approach to recruitment at Junior, senior and middle management levels. We follow a dedicated methodology for Job Consulting in order to ensure maximum employee as well as employer satisfaction. We have specialization recruit across various Cybersecurity domains and we recognize that each domain has its own nuances in terms of technicalities, understanding and execution.

  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
  • Risk & Information Security Audits
  • Operational Risk
  • Vendor Risk Management
  • Application Security
  • Data Security, Privacy & Forensics
  • Cloud Security
  • Cyber Security Architecture
  • Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber Security Sales
  • Source Code Review
  • Red/Blue Teaming


Develop an Understanding of the Organization

To better facilitate the process, it is crucial that we meet with key executives important to the search to understand t he organization’s history, culture, structure, existing business activities and future growth plans.

Develop the Position Specification

Mapping position specific competencies including job title, principal accountabilities, key result areas (KRAs), external and internal contacts, reporting and advisory relationships, working conditions/environment, and other relevant details.

Identify Suitable Candidates

Keeping in mind the formally listed specifications and understanding from the hiring manager, our engagement team will establish a search strategy to effectively target desired candidates.

Industry and Company Landscape

Developing a target list of appropriate industries and companies from which to recruit and identify the right levels that we should target within those companies

Talent Landscape

Once the target industries & companies are identified, we will utilize our sources, networks and extensive database to develop an initial candidate list

Create Candidate Shortlist and Evaluation by our Consultant

Once we have determined a mutual interest in pursuing specific candidates, we will contact them, apprise them of the opportunity and elicit their interest in the position.

Present Best-Fit Candidates to Client for Evaluation

The individuals best qualified for this position will be presented to the client. For the most appropriate candidates, we will prepare a detailed resume and evaluation summary to facilitate the interview process

Post Recruitment Follow-Up

Our consultant remains in touch with the new joiner for 90 days after the candidate has started on the assignment to ensure a smooth transition and on-boarding process.

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