Networking Platform

A Global Close-Knit Community

"In our Networking Platform, we have 25000+ members globally comprising of students as well as professionals. We conduct regular knowledge-sharing meet-ups and sessions across India to network with several CXOs and other industry experts. Our networking platform conducts professional cyber-resilience trainings, career advancement programs, intra-community as well as public events to spread awareness regarding risk management, cyber security, and emerging technologies. We also offer numerous opportunities for jobs, internships, and mentoring under CyberFrat Jobs."

Learning and Networking Programs

"Our networking platform conducts numerous programs that enable our community to stay updated with emerging technologies and issues related to cyber security and enterprise risk management. In our Digital Security Program, we discuss the trends, developments, and career opportunities of specific topics assigned monthly on an online group-study model. There are CFThursday sessions that take place every Thursday where you can connect with an SME and clear your doubts. In the CXO connect program you can connect with the top industry leaders and learn. "

Rich snippets for search on, " Cyber security networking platform"
Rich snippets for search on, " Cyber security networking platform"

Interacting With Experts

"On Thursdays, we conduct webinars as a part of the CyberFrat Thursday series, where a qualified speaker explains about a specific topic and clarifies doubts raised by the audience.

This is further supplemented by our short video series CyberFrat Shots by subject matter experts, based on specific shots.

The CyberFrat CXO Connect program enables our community to learn from reputed industry leaders.

Benefits of CyberFrat Plus membership

180+ hours of live learning in a year

Attend knowledge sharing sessions and workshops from our SMEs and Industry leaders, from programs like CF Thursday, CXO connect, a fireside chats with CXOs, special knowledge sharing sessions.

500+ hours of recorded sessions

Gain insights into topics like Risk Management, Cyber Security Emerging Technology, and Data Privacy from the backpack of knowledgeable session recordings.

Part of the knowledge-sharing community

Part of CyberFrat WhatsApp and Google knowledge sharing group and Full Access to Microsoft Kaizala groups.

Industry news, jobs, internship

Get updates on industry news, jobs, internship, and candidature requirements. Grooming, Mentoring,and Career Guidance sessions.

Special Discounts on every program

Discounts on all conferences, Partner events, CF Training, and Masterclass.

Networking opportunities

Network opportunities with other professionals across the globe, access to all CyberFrat local chapter& virtual meets.

Updates through Weekly newsletter

Receive a weekly newsletter with educational materials, interesting posts, upcoming free events, popular books, and much more.CyberFrat local chapter& virtual meets.

Digital 4n6 Journal at 25% off for a 1-year subscription.

Membership Options

CF Plus - 1 Year

₹ 4500

  • Including GST
  • All Cyberfrat Plus Membership Benefits
  • CISSP and CISM Training Free

CF GOLD - Lifetime

₹ 27999

  • CF Plus Membership for Lifetime
  • Get access to bundle of 10 trainings along with CISSP and CISM Training


Recently we concluded the numerous cyber security and Risk Management trainings, which was attended by over 200 members and was extremely well received by the participants. Click here to have a look what our participants had to say about our program.

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