Survey on Understanding Business IT Environment

We are pioneers in providing the right kind of content and education to the community at Cyberfrat & Our cross-training platform is one of the fastest growing in India. We work on the context of future demands and create content to meet those needs. Cloud is the way to go with automation and AI, & to give our community members an amazing learning experience and provide deep insights on how to transform intelligently into the cloud, we have partnered with Dynatrace.

As part of this collaboration, we intend to understand the right type of IT environment and then curate the right content for the community. We would appreciate it if you could spare 2 minutes and complete the survey. You have the option to remain anonymous.

Complete the survey and get access to the Ebook on DevOps for Digital Transformation from Dynatracewhere can see How DevOps can transform IT and the business! 


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