DDI Technology from TCP Wave – An Exclusive Roundtable Discussion over Coffee

DDI Technology from TCP Wave – An Exclusive Roundtable Discussion over Coffee

  • Mohinee Singh
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  • May 14, 2022

CXO Junction arranged a wonderful and insightful exclusive virtual discussion over a coffee meet concluded on 27th April 2022. All dignitaries discussed about the Backbone of Digital Transformation – DDI Technology in association with TCPWave.

The discussion revolved mainly around DDI, DNS & DHCP Technology and covered some important key points on the same.

Meet our esteemed speakers

At the discussion table, we had the following speakers –

Balram Choudhary, CISO, ASK Group- ASK Investment Manager Ltd.

Raj Sukali, Chief Manager, ICICI Lombard

Abhishek Chandra, Chief Technology Officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank

Manish Shamjee, Regional Director, TCPWave

The session was moderated by-

Gaurav Batra, Founder & CEO, CyberFrat

Glimpses of the discussion on DDI Technology

The roundtable discussion began with introductions from all the guests and they shared some key points of their domain perspective. Firstly, Mr. Manish Shamjee (TCPWave) discussed the importance of DNS from the infrastructure & security point of view. Also, he discussed how DDI is much more agile and important nowadays from a security perspective. Later Mr. Balram Choudhary (ASK Group) discussed some benefits of digital transformation in the topmost organizations. Mr. Raj Sukali (ICICI) stated that DDI is a good platform for an organization for a security purpose also he pointed out that SOC is a good platform but at the same time for security purpose, DDI plays an important role. Mr. Abhishek Chandra (Kotak Mahindra) talked about cloud services and advanced technologies which is a very good platform for security purposes.

Mr. Gaurav Batra(CyberFrat) came up with some intriguing questions like Why DDI security is important nowadays? How do you see DDI Technology as the need of the hour in the organizations? In what ways do you see DDI as a key component of the Cloud, Security, and Automation employed transformation journey? Mr. Gaurav Batra also asked to describe the different strategies you to build three pillars i.e., Agility, Security, and Automation of Digital Transformation? What do you think, what are the initiatives that will improve its optimization, experience, and cyber security?

After a brief discussion, Mr. Manish Shamjee (TCPWave) stated the work done by TCPWave on how they provide an advanced technology for transferring a reversible cache only DNS resolver into a standalone when a WAN (Wide Area Network) is blocked, CNAME flattening technologies to its clients and customers, strip out DNS poisons and taints from the responses received from the third-party organizations. Mr. Abhishek Chandra (Kotak Mahindra) discussed endpoint security and its benefits which are really needed to be focused nowadays for the betterment of an organization as a security aspect. Mr. Balram Choudhary (ASK group) discussed about malware & ransomware attacks on organisational websites, every organization uses different- different tactics to secure their organization by using advanced security tools, use of firewall & anti-virus, and cyber security awareness training for an employee, infrastructure security, etc.

And thus the discussion concluded.

On behalf of CXO Junction, we would like to thank our esteemed guest speakers Balram Choudhary (ASK Group), Raj Sukali (ICICI Lombard), Abhishek Chandra (Kotak Mahindra), and Manish Shamjee (TCPWave) for sharing their invaluable insight, experiences, and expertise over a virtual coffee meetup. We will host many such insightful events in the coming days so stay tuned for that.

About TCP Wave

TCP Wave is an established network development company specializing in providing network solutions with advanced edge-over-internet security. They offer an automation platform, extensive API library, and command-line interface that delivers the privileges to simplify your complex business logic and yield maximum benefits with minimal efforts.

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