What We Do

Cyber Fraternity is an Enterprise Risk management community with motive to help people understand the risk of operating in digital world – providing the ability to detect, investigate and respond cyber threats.


We connect Cyber enthusiasts from all over the world via different digital channels and also help connect with locally via city chapter groups.

Cyber Security Alerts

We provide updates on emerging threats, new cyber incidents and software vulnerabilities to our members.


We create awareness about probable/new cyber frauds and their mitigation by use of latest efficient technology.


We currently have chapters in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune, where meets are organised regularly.

Knowledge sharing

Our member base is diverse and includes everyone from inquisitive students to CXOs from reputed organisations who share their learning with each others.


We are one of the most preferred portals for posting job openings by our members both for internship and permanent jobs.

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Cyber Reads

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Conversational Analytics – is your chatbot fully reliable?

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CF BYTES – Issue #1

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Case Study: Password and Phishing Attack

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Simplifying GDPR

Yet another four-letter buzzword is charming the industries & Information Technology Industries. Latest four letter thrill is called GDPR (Ge

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Is the Blockchain an economy or a computer science innovation?

Introduction to Blockchain Blockchain is a decentralized distributed database (ledger) system. It is distributed because there is not a single r

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