What We Do

Cyber Fraternity is an Enterprise Risk management community with motive to help people understand the risk of operating in digital world – providing the ability to detect, investigate and respond cyber threats.


We connect Cyber enthusiasts from all over the world via different digital channels and also help connect with locally via city chapter groups.

Cyber Security Alerts

We provide updates on emerging threats, new cyber incidents and software vulnerabilities to our members.


We create awareness about probable/new cyber frauds and their mitigation by use of latest efficient technology.


We currently have chapters in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune, where meets are organised regularly.

Knowledge sharing

Our member base is diverse and includes everyone from inquisitive students to CXOs from reputed organisations who share their learning with each others.


We are one of the most preferred portals for posting job openings by our members both for internship and permanent jobs.

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Cyber Reads

BySubham Paul Mar 30, 2020

The Way Forward: 15 AI-ML Trends for 2020

Paying at shops? Listening to music? Booking a cab? Tracking a courier package? Look around yourself and almost everything is handled digitally.

BySubham Paul Mar 22, 2020

Enriching thoughts unfolded at the panel discussion on ‘Cybersecurity enabling businesses in COVID-19 situation’

In light of the pandemic that has taken the entire world by storm, starting with China and then the European Union turning out to be the new epi

BySubham Paul Mar 18, 2020

Behavioral Analytics – the trusted watchdog in Cybersecurity

Modern-day business security leaders openly talk about maintaining intrinsic data on how users and systems behave. What do they do with this? Wh

BySubham Paul Mar 7, 2020

Combating Breach Fatigue – time for a wake up call!

What crosses your mind when you hear the word fatigue? Does it remind you of the times when you return home tired after an intense workout sessi

BySubham Paul Feb 27, 2020

The magic of Continuous Intelligence – doing smart business on the go

How would a human body survive without a nervous system that constantly responds to external and internal stimuli? How could a traffic contro

BySubham Paul Feb 21, 2020

The Perils of Swarm Technology – Are you ready for a Swarm Attack?

Have you ever imagined your organization’s network getting infiltrated by a bot swarm that eventually steals data and leaves you spellbound? I

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