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Certificate Course on Basics of Web Development

CyberFrat Provides a Free 3-day Basics of Web Development course to all CyberFrat Student Members. This course will be followed by an online Kahoot based exam. Candidate attending all 3 sessions for the entire duration (6hrs) and scoring 60% during the exam will be awarded a Certificate.

When: April 6th – 8th 2020 Daily 11AM – 1PM

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What is web development 
Process of making a web application
Frontend vs backend
Html introduction
Html page structure
Tags and elements
Text formating
CSS introduction
Difference between HTML and CSS
Box model
Creating layout
Online tools like WordPress and shopify
How to publish a website for free

Speaker Profile

Srishti Agrawal is pursuing third-year computer engineering from Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai. she has topped the university in semester 5, with a 10 pointer. She is certified in Full stack development. She can code in python, c and c++ and is also the winner of Smart India Hackathon 2019.

Srishti is Chairperson of CSI-VIT and Besides having an interest in the tech field, she is also a certified Graphologist and handwriting analyst. Srishti is a state-level archer and an avid MUNner.

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BySubham Paul

CF BYTES – Issue #6

Almost every security agency today is alarmed due to cyberattacks, as data breaches and fraudulent activities surge amidst the deadly pandemic that is rocking the world. From government agencies to healthcare and educational institutions, from fintech firms to cyber insurance companies, numerous entities have been targeted by bad actors. At the same time, there have been positive developments in the field of cybersecurity that promise to build safer cyberspace for mankind. This issue of CF Bytes shall highlight some of the biggest cyberattacks and cybersecurity developments that took place in the last fortnight.

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Threat Monitoring & Dark Commerce

Cybercriminals are using more sophisticated techniques than ever to attack the enterprise

Cybercrime – just like cybersecurity – is an industry with its own collaborative models. Look in the right places and you’ll find services for hire, marketplaces and information exchanges. Attackers are constantly innovating, so defending your organization against cyberthreats means fighting a fast-moving target.

Any organization operating online holds data valuable to cybercriminals, from financial transaction records to customer PII, confidential company assets to industrial IP. A hit on any of these can lead to catastrophic business impact, reputational damage and compliance penalties.

But what if you could detect and prevent attacks before they happen using trustworthy, accurate cyber threat intelligence?

We are happy to announce a webinar on Threat Monitoring & Dark Commerce with Blueliv & RamoGnee Technologies Pvt Ltd on Friday 3 April 14:30 GMT +5:30 (11:00 CET)

Blueliv scours the open, deep and dark web to deliver highly targeted and actionable threat intelligence to customers. Contextualized data and analysis are delivered through easy-to-use modules, helping organizations of all sizes manage their digital risk.

About Blueliv

Blueliv is Europe’s leading cyberthreat intelligence provider, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.We look beyond your perimeter, scouring the open, deep and dark web to deliver fresh, automated and actionable threat intelligence to protect the enterprise and manage your digital risk. Covering the broadest range of threats on the market, a pay-as-you need modular architecture means customers receive streamlined, cost-effective intelligence delivered in real-time, backed by our world-class in-house analyst team. Intelligence modules are scalable, easy to deploy and easy to use, maximizing security resource while accelerating threat detection, incident response performance and forensic investigations. Blueliv is recognized across the industry by analysts including Gartner and Forrester, and has earned multiple awards for its technology and services including ‘Security Company of the Year 2019’ by Red Seguridad, Enterprise Security and Enterprise Threat Detection 2018 category winners by, in addition to holding affiliate membership of FS-ISAC for several years.

About Speaker

Vicente Martin, degree in BA and Marketing, master in Ethical Hacking, counts with an extensive experience as product manager and presales engineer. Main achievements at Blueliv – expert platform user, always up to date about the threat landscape tendencies. Was invited as speaker to several conferences in Spain (Securmatica, Cyberdefense Days)

BySubham Paul

The Way Forward: 15 AI-ML Trends for 2020

Paying at shops? Listening to music? Booking a cab? Tracking a courier package? Look around yourself and almost everything is handled digitally. Technology is the virtual life support system of mankind because our ways of living have got extremely fast and easier with its perusal along with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This calls for a constant inspection of areas to improve, which brings you to read this article on 15 AI-ML trends to watch out in 2020.

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BySubham Paul

Enriching thoughts unfolded at the panel discussion on ‘Cybersecurity enabling businesses in COVID-19 situation’

In light of the pandemic that has taken the entire world by storm, starting with China and then the European Union turning out to be the new epicenter, businesses have suffered big blows. The negative disruption brought forth by the global outbreak of the COVID-19 virus (or popularly known as the novel Coronavirus) has led to most organizations enabling their employees to work from home to ensure the continuity of their business. However, this brings with itself several implications from the cybersecurity perspective, along with people management issues in general. To throw some light on these issues, top security and risk management leaders took part in an intriguing virtual panel discussion on the topic ‘Cybersecurity enabling businesses in COVID-19 situation’ on 21st March 2020, hosted by CyberFrat – an enterprise risk management community.

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BySubham Paul

Behavioral Analytics – the trusted watchdog in Cybersecurity

Modern-day business security leaders openly talk about maintaining intrinsic data on how users and systems behave. What do they do with this? When exactly do they need this? Who helps them in using this? Does it ease the pain of boosting the overall enterprise security and answering stakeholders? All of these shall be answered in this piece on Behavioral Analytics, one of the go-to methods for modern cybersecurity professionals to nip suspicious activities in the bud.

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BySubham Paul

CF BYTES – Issue #5

The novel Coronavirus outbreak has brought forth one of the biggest negative disruptions across the globe, adversely affecting organizations and humanity in general. There have been multiple small-scale cybersecurity incidents revolving round the pandemic, apart from the big events that continue to rattle us all. Focusing on the need to make our readers aware about the same, this issue of CF Bytes shall focus on some of the most impactful cyberattacks and developments in the field of cybersecurity that took place in the last two weeks.

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BySubham Paul

Combating Breach Fatigue – time for a wake up call!

What crosses your mind when you hear the word fatigue? Does it remind you of the times when you return home tired after an intense workout session, or of tiredness in general? In either case, it signifies the intent to give up the intent to rectify something amiss. To the dismay of most CISOs today, such a thing has crept up the minds of employees for whom cyberattacks, especially data breaches, are just part of everyday life now. This article deals with this phenomenon, technically termed ‘Breach Fatigue‘ and some subtle ways of combating it.

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BySubham Paul

CF BYTES – Issue #4

If you heard that cyberattacks spare none, you’ve heard right. The globe is on fire following the spree of cyberattacks that have skyrocketed in a short span of time. Instances of attacks on individuals to nations (including a renowned football club!) have rattled the cybersecurity scenario, prompting researchers and organizations to up the ante against malpractices and develop products and strategies to combat them. Here, we present to you the latest issue of CF Bytes which talks about the major global cybersecurity developments and cyberattacks in the last fortnight.

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BySubham Paul

The magic of Continuous Intelligence – doing smart business on the go

How would a human body survive without a nervous system that constantly responds to external and internal stimuli?

How could a traffic controller perform without constantly sensing the traffic situation and reacting accordingly?

How on Earth could a candidate pass a modern job interview without knowing current affairs?

Advocates of modernization love to associate the word ‘data’ with every business problem. It is indeed true that data-driven decisions are the most practical and helpful decisions to prevent the boat from sinking. However, the pool of data is too huge to be managed by traditional analytical systems such as Big Data and Business Intelligence. Just like the human body, the traffic controller and the interview candidate, modern businesses also require a thorough (yet quick) analysis of real-time data that, when augmented with analyzing historical data, can provide the most rewarding solutions for the enterprise and make it sustainable in the long run. We are talking about the trend of Continuous Intelligence (or CI), and here we shall see what it can bring to the table in the context of business problem-solving.

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