• June 5, 2024

CyberFrat Mumbai Meetup in association with QRC Assurance & Solutions: A Day of Learning, Networking, and Community Building!


On May 25, 2024, CyberFrat, in collaboration with QRC Assurance And Solutions, successfully hosted a cybersecurity meetup in Navi Mumbai. The event saw an impressive turnout of cybersecurity professionals eager to connect, learn, and engage with industry peers and leaders.

b. Head in the Cloud – SaaS Threat Evolution by Joshua Bahirvani: Joshua Bahirvani, a Microsoft Security Researcher, delved into the evolving threats in the Software as a Service (SaaS) landscape. He highlighted emerging risks, threat vectors, and best practices for securing cloud-based applications.

c. Cyber Risk Assessment by Shweta Tripathi: Cybersecurity expert Shweta Tripathi presented a detailed approach to cyber risk assessment. She discussed methodologies for identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks to enhance an organization’s security posture.

d. Enterprise Security by Rajesh Kathuria: Rajesh Kathuria, a seasoned cybersecurity practitioner, shared insights on maintaining robust enterprise security. His session covered strategies for protecting organizational assets, managing vulnerabilities, and implementing effective security controls.

Participants enjoyed a gamified session of Cybersecurity Housie, with four lucky winners taking home goodies. All speakers and attendees received a co-branded momento from CyberFrat and QRC Assurance And Solutions.

The meetup provided ample opportunities for attendees to network with like-minded professionals, share insights, and build lasting connections within the cybersecurity community.

1. In-depth insights from top-tier cybersecurity professionals through informative sessions.

2. Broaden your industry exposure and stay ahead of the latest trends.

3. Forge meaningful connections and network with presenters and like-minded professionals within the CyberFrat community.

4. Receive an esteemed certificate of attendance, earning 3 CPE credits to boost your professional credentials.

5. Engage in interactive games, seize exciting giveaways, and stand a chance to win enticing goodies for an unforgettable experience!

Join us in building a cybersecurity community. Be part of the next CyberFrat meetup and enhance your professional journey with knowledge, connections, and fun!

For more information about our upcoming meet-ups: Click here

Stay tuned for our next event and don’t miss out on an enriching experience with CyberFrat!

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