Security Awareness

We believe Security is a Human Issue and Security Awareness is the Key. As Security risks affect top-line revenue in every organization. Of every size and industry. Security Awareness always stands at the first step when we plan about achieving complete security. We provide Security Awareness Services so that you can mitigate possible risks and threats to your organization.

Security Awareness Services

2. Persona based Threat and Risk Assessment

Definition: Risk-based groups of organisational roles with access to critical information and that are potential high value targets for attackers

Our Approach:

  • Learning paths to increase knowledge and awareness of employees to recognize threats and influence change in attitude towards cyber security and consequent actions.
  • Create security ambassadors to provide functional (e.g. Manufacturing, Finance, Sales) context and security relevance.

3. Security Awareness Trainings

Our Unique Approach towards Training

Our Approach:

  • Employees should embrace the correct behavior when they experience something risky
  • Also focuses on protecting the employee outside work
  • Making the links between professional and personal life
  • Personalized training tailored to individuals or groups
  • Simulates real-life threats
  • Focuses on awareness and behavior change
  • More interactive and fun, entertaining sessions

4. Awareness Content Creation

We provide Content creation services in security domain, we have expertise in designing and fabricating the following types of content

Our Approach:

  • Creative Images
  • Character-based storytelling
  • Bit size infographic/ human interaction videos.

5. Human Risk Intelligence

Our Unique Approach to Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our Approach:

  • We have partnered with Industry-leading experts to provide Human Risk Intelligence, we provide Adaptive security awareness training (targeted) and autonomous phishing simulations based on employees’ needs & risks.
  • Full visibility. The overall human risk picture provides the foundation for risk decision-making and treatment prioritization. Improvement actions. Recommended (easy to deploy, one-click) or fully automated.

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