• December 4, 2020

Amit A Pradhan joins FireEye’s Mandiant Consulting as a Director – India and SARRC

After a rewarding 5.5 year stint at Vodafone Idea Limited, Amit A. Pradhan has joined FireEye’s Mandiant Consulting Team as a Director for India and SARRC. 

” Cybersecurity has come a long way since I joined Vodafone Idea 5.5 years ago. Nation-state threats are no longer a problem of the West, detecting an incident is no longer about logs and SIEMs and responding to them requires more than just formatting a machine. While we as practitioners have no illusions about the threat landscape, the Management is still struggling to understand the business implications of cyber.
In such challenging times, I have come to believe that the success of us (CISOs) is highly dependent on the crucial communication that needs to be done with the true business owners of the company, our ability to detect and respond to advanced threats, and most importantly, the support of an experienced trusted advisor whose timely support can make all the difference between containing an incident and making the headlines.
Keeping these in mind, I have decided to join Mandiant, where I believe, I can pull in their global experience and expert resources with relevant competencies required to assist my CISO colleagues here in India. I intend to use my position to not only connect and deliver these services when required but to use my local experience in senior stakeholder management to enable my friends and peers to communicate more effectively and convincingly to senior executives and thereby enjoying the stature and authority of the position.
It has been my honor and pleasure to have worked with all of you, facing all similar challenges & wins. I have witnessed, as have you, the entire CISO/Security community mature over last few years and am grateful to all for sharing information in this forum. ” – Amit A. Pradhan

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