• March 11, 2024

#CFInfluencia Series: Interview with Shubhangee Shelke

Tell us about your overall journey in the industry

I am a Dynamic Technology Audit, Risk, and Control professional with a rich 13+ years of experience in BFSI industry audits for various lines of business, such as investment banking, wholesale payments, cloud, and data privacy. My mission is to add value to each client by providing independent and objective assurance and advisory services on their IT and business control environment.

According to you which is the top threat in your Industry and how do you think we can tackle it?

People: the weakest link in cybersecurity With a matured training and awareness program framework, we can safeguard this link and make systems and processes more secure.

What are your significant achievements/awards in the industry?

  • Awardee: Top 10 Women Tech Leaders in India 2023, I am a renowned banking and cybersecurity professional working with global banks and clients. I hold several professional degrees and certifications, such as an MBA, Diploma in Cyber Law, CISA, CCA, PMP, ITIL v3, CEH, CSM, AWS CCP, CCIO, and CPEW.
  • I am an ISAC ambassador for women in cybersecurity and am dedicated to raising awareness and encouraging women to pursue cybersecurity roles.
  • Interestingly, I am also a successful professional bodybuilder who qualified for the ICN International bodybuilding competition representing team India with several titles in regional and national competitions!
  • I have led the process of audit issue validation management across the line of businesses to identify and close the issue remediation plan within timelines and budget resulting in saving many hours and thus cost savings. I have crafted and implemented a successful campus internship program, where fresh postgraduate students from technical programs from premier institutes were hired and trained with the end goal of making them industry-ready.

What would you like to tell the women in the tech industry, to motivate them as the recipient of Top 10 Women Tech Leaders India Awards 2023?

Endeavour to give your best consistently in whatever you pursue on the professional and personal front I am greatly influenced by the Bhagwat Geeta: as it quotes, you are only entitled to the action, never to its fruits Continuous learning and upgrading oneself is very important to keep pace with rapid changes technology. On job learning we do during our day job. Off-job, you can learn via self-study, attending external training and conferences, and obtain professional credentials. Also, as part of giving back to community, you can conduct knowledge-sharing sessions, webinars, etc. Also, I believe that fitness is for everyone irrespective of gender, age, genetic lineage, or ethnicity. Taking care of one’s health is the best investment for anyone. To take care of others, one should be fit and fine by oneself. The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.

Have your lessons in bodybuilding helped you in your career? If yes, tell us more about it

Consistency and discipline are two key traits needed for bodybuilding. It mirrors the same for professional careers too. Also, it helps me to keep grounded as we all are same on the gym floor: weights don’t treat you differently based on who you are, they give results to one who puts in efforts!

You have been appointed as Brand Ambassador for ISAC, tell us about your experience and journey leading to that

I am also a Brand Ambassador at Information Sharing and Analysis Center, a nonprofit organization that facilitates the exchange of cyber threat intelligence and best practices among its members. In this role, I leverage my expertise in Technology Audit, information security, cyber laws, and financial crime compliance to promote awareness and collaboration among the cyber community. I am passionate about staying updated and sharing my knowledge on the latest trends and developments in the Technology control and risk domain.

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