• June 13, 2020

Aptitude Test & Sponsorship for AWS Training- Students only

Registrations are Closed you can visit www.cyberFrat.com/vt for direct enrolment.

If you are a Student and good with logical reasoning and basics of computer, here is your chance to win sponsorship to 50hrs Linux and AWS Training worth Rs 3500.

The quiz will be held on Thursday, 18th June 2020, at 11 AM via Online Zoom Meeting.

How this Quiz works

  • The quiz will be played on online Kahoot Platform
  • The quiz will have 30 Questions based on logical Reasoning and basics and computers and operating systems.
  • You need two devices (2 phones, laptops, iPad or combination)
  • From Device 1 you need to login to zoom meeting (Link will be sent 24hrs before the quiz) 
  • From Device 2 browser, you need to go to www.Kahoot.it 
  • Kahoot will ask for a Game Pin, which will be given in the session at 11 AM Sharp
  • After the game pin, Kahoot will ask for name, you need to add your First Name & CyberFrat ID
  • As we start the exam, you will see the question and 4 options on Device 1 Screen, and you have to answer from Device 2
  • 60 Seconds will be provided to answer each question 
  • Each question is of 1000 points, faster you answer more points you get
  • If you get streak (more than 3 questions right in a row) you will get additional points. 
  • At the end of the quiz, everyone will get their scope and position on the mobile.
  • Three winners will get displayed on Device 1 screen live.
  • All three winners will get free pass to 50 hrs Linux and AWS Training. For training details visit www.cyberfrat.com/vt

Last Day to register Tuesday, 16th June 2020, at 11:59 PM.

CyberFrat ID is Mandatory to play the quiz, if you don’t have One, you can still register for the quiz below and apply for cyberFrat ID at www.cyberfrat.com/join (It’s Free)


Know More about Our Campus Envoy Program www.cyberfrat.com/Envoy

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