• July 1, 2020

CF BYTES – Issue #11

News pieces all around the globe have been fed with a huge array of developments in the cybersecurity industry. At the same time, the incidents of cyberattacks have been on the rise, continuing to affect organizations and society at large. With this, CF Bytes is back with the latest issue about the major global cybersecurity developments and cyberattacks in the last fortnight.

Top 5 cyberattacks

  1. In an extension of a bilateral dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt over the $4.8 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam being built on the Nile River, Egyptian hackers launched a cyber attack on a number of Ethiopian government websites over the course of the past week. (read more…)
  2. Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department was at the receiving end of an alleged cyber-attack, forcing it to put off its major servers (read more…)
  3. A day after cyberattack on Indiabulls Group, miscreants behind the Clop ransomware have released 4.75GB of data from the breach on Dark Web and have threatened to release more over the next 24 hours. (read more…)
  4. A day after actor Prithviraj and director Ashiq Abu announced their maiden movie together titled ‘Vaariyamkunnan’, the lead hero is facing a harsh cyberattack on signing up the movie. The actor’s social media has been flooded with lewd comments saying that the team is set to glorify the alleged criminal Kunjahammad Haji. (read more…)
  5. After a face-off at Galwan valley with Indian Soldiers, China is now attempting Cyberattack on Indian cyberspace. The data available with the Maharashtra Cyber department suggests that till June 23rd, Chinese hackers have attempted 40,300 attacks on Indian cyberspace. Sichuan area is the headquarters of China’s Cyberwarfare and the attempt made by is originated from here. (read more…)

Top 5 cybersecurity developments

  1.  Bharti Airtel has upgraded the SOC to a higher threat-level status for a 5-7-day window in the wake of likely cyber attacks. (read more…)
  2. Raytheon Technologies subsidiary has partnered with Purdue University and three other companies to develop a novel coronavirus detection kit using a tool originally designed to detect malicious threats in network traffic. (read more…)
  3. UMBC is teaming with national digital manufacturing institute MxD to work to provide a new training program that will specifically focus on upskilling workers in manufacturing and adjacent industries in cybersecurity. (read more…)
  4. The National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) have launched a new partnership to mitigate cybersecurity risks and consequences in solar energy developments. (read more…)
  5. IT consulting giant Atos is acquiring Paladion, a managed security services provider (MSSP) that has managed detection and response (MDR) and security operations center (SOC) capabilities (read more…)

Stay tuned to CF Bytes for more periodical updates on cyberattacks and developments in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.



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