• March 1, 2020

CF BYTES – Issue #4

If you heard that cyberattacks spare none, you’ve heard right. The globe is on fire following the spree of cyberattacks that have skyrocketed in a short span of time. Instances of attacks on individuals to nations (including a renowned football club!) have rattled the cybersecurity scenario, prompting researchers and organizations to up the ante against malpractices and develop products and strategies to combat them. Here, we present to you the latest issue of CF Bytes which talks about the major global cybersecurity developments and cyberattacks in the last fortnight.

Top 5 cyberattacks

  1. Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M) confronted a cyberattack, which took down its email servers and services. The premier institute onboarded Microsoft for technical assistance and expertise in the recovery process.  (read more…)
  2. Georgia faced a large scale cyberattack against close to 15,000 state, private and media websites and operating systems of the Administration of the President of Georgia, courts, municipal assemblies, state bodies, private sector organizations, and media outlets. This has sparked a global debate regarding speculations that it might have been carried out by Russia. (read more…)
  3. FC Barcelona’s Twitter account was hacked by the OurMine group, which posted sensitive information, seemingly taken from private messages through the compromised handle. (read more…)
  4. Coinhako, one of Asia’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges based in Singapore suffered a sophisticated cyberattack that halted client withdrawals briefly. (read more…)
  5. Mexico’s economy ministry suffered a cyberattack on some of its servers. It was later assured that no sensitive information had been compromised and safety measures have been boosted following the attack. (read more…)

Top 5 cybersecurity developments

  1. Kaspersky launched the prototype of its Blockchain-based election voting platform that can provide a decentralized and secure voting system to businesses, schools, universities, and governments. (read more…)
  2. Baltimore-based ZeroFox Inc. raised a $74 million funding round led by Intel Capital to combat modern cyber threats such as spear-phishing emails and deepfakes. (read more…)
  3. GE Healthcare introduced Skeye, a new medical device cybersecurity service, to help hospital groups detect, analyze and respond to cybersecurity threats and events in real-time by blending industry expertise, AI and process management tools. (read more…)
  4. Etisalat, a UAE-based telecom services provider acquired Help AG for integrating the cybersecurity capabilities of the two technology firms and augmenting its portfolio of digital security services, thereby creating the region’s strongest cybersecurity unit. (read more…)
  5. WISeKey, a leading Swiss cybersecurity and IoT company, launched its cybersecurity offering for connected cars, which is a must-have safety requirement for securing connected cars against a vulnerability found in Tesla’s intelligent cruise control. (read more…)

Stay tuned to CF Bytes for more periodical updates on cyberattacks and developments in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.



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