• March 16, 2020

CF BYTES – Issue #5

The novel Coronavirus outbreak has brought forth one of the biggest negative disruptions across the globe, adversely affecting organizations and humanity in general. There have been multiple small-scale cybersecurity incidents revolving round the pandemic, apart from the big events that continue to rattle us all. Focusing on the need to make our readers aware about the same, this issue of CF Bytes shall focus on some of the most impactful cyberattacks and developments in the field of cybersecurity that took place in the last two weeks.

Top 5 cyberattacks

  1. Computer systems at the University Hospital Brno in the Czech Republic, which is also a COVID-19 testing center, were shut down following a cyberattack which resulted in many tests getting delayed. (read more…)
  2. Evraz North America faced a ransomware attack that affected its operations in the US and in Canada and also led to its employees of Queen City steel mill getting laid off. (read more…)
  3. The Australian branch of Manheim Auctions, an online car sales firm, was attacked by a ransomware which involved a demand of $30 million from the criminals. (read more…)
  4. Passwords of Boots Advantage Card accounts were hacked from various websites due to which payments using loyalty card points were suspended by Boots. (read more…)
  5. 80 servers were taken offline to contain a Ryuk Malware attack on Durham City which affected city facilities and services, such as Durham One Call, Durham Parks and Recreation centers, City Hall and many more. (read more…)

Top 5 cybersecurity developments

  1. Echoworx, the industry leader in message encryption, enhanced its OneWorld cloud-based security platform with the addition of user-centric two-factor authentication (2FA), enabling enterprises to experience better while adopting the best-in-class security protocols. (read more…)
  2. Vodafone is looking to strengthen UK critical infrastructure security with its Cyber Enhanced managed security service, which has features such as firewall management and threat detection. (read more…)
  3. Accenture purchased Context Information Security, a London based cybersecurity consultancy firm, for $139 million to help government organizations and financial institutions respond to the threat of advanced cyberattacks. (read more…)
  4. Dr Rajesh Pant, the Indian national cybersecurity coordinator from Prime Minister’s Office announced that India shall launch its National Cybersecurity Policy in the next three months at the Sixth Cyber Security India Summit 2020, held in New Delhi (read more…)
  5. Kratikal, India’s leading cybersecurity company, has been awarded as the best cybersecurity startup at the 12th Top 100 CISO Awards and Annual Summit at Bengaluru. (read more…)

Stay tuned to CF Bytes for more periodical updates on cyberattacks and developments in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.



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