• May 19, 2020

CF BYTES – Issue #8

In the past few weeks, we have come across many alarming cyber incidents due to which the assets of many companies are at stake. Ransomware attacks are the headlines but other attacks like phishing scams and DDos cannot be outclassed. These attacks not only affect the business of the enterprises but their employees and customers also face an irreparable loss. Most of the cyberattacks are followed by the news of stolen data being sold on the dark web which violates all the policies implemented for data privacy. There is a hearsay that the biggest Cyberattack in history is expected to happen in the next six months. This is a high sign for all the firms to secure their hatches as soon as possible. This issue of CF bytes we acquaint you with the insights of the top 5 cyberattacks that have brought panic to the cyberworld and top 5 research articles that help us understand the statistics and the patterns involved in these cyberattacks.


  1. Norway’s state investment fund robbed of $10 Million. The hackers are still unknown and this attack raised no alarms. Read more
  2. A Ransomware gang named Maze claims to have breached a mail delivery company, Pitney Bowes. It is the second ransomware attack faced by them in the last seven months. Read more
  3. Another Ransomware group called Sodinokibi is blackmailing President Donal Trump for $42 million in cryptocurrency. They are using legal secrets as leverage and have released some documents to media. Read more
  4. ESET falls prey to DDos attack performed by a malicious android app. The app appeared on the play store as a news update app and turned malicious after a recent update. Read more
  5. Internal systems of U.K based electricity body ‘Elexon’ targeted. Read more


  1. There is a global increase in cyberattacks on Financial organizations. Read more
  2. According to Microsoft India has been a victim to around 9000 cyberattacks in the past four months. Read more
  3. Indian companies need to implement better policies to safeguard from cyberattacks. Read more
  4. Coronavirus related cyberattacks have a 30% increase as compared to the past few weeks. Read more
  5. Anant Maheshwari, president, Microsoft India presenting her views on digital technology due to COVID-19. Read more
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