• December 17, 2017

S.V. Sunder Krishnan


Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company Limited


Chief Risk Officer

Define yourself as what you are known for?

GRC expert.

How does your average day look like?

Hectic with new challenges even as I grapple with the existing ones

What does your current role mean to you?

The current role provides ample opportunities to use my technical acumen, analytical skills, and networking abilities

What helped you to achieve your current Position/Role?

Sharpening the Technical Proficiency Sword all the time, patience, being passionate, Tenacity, Analytical Ability, Networking and Creativity

As a Risk Leader what keeps you awake at night?

Challenges not yet resolved

Your vision for Risk Strategies in future? How are you going to beat Challenges?

To be up the curve in technical proficiency, to engage the stakeholders continuously, to implement risk mitigation measures and focus on the big picture by overcoming the bigger challenges

How do you keep up with the latest Risk/security issues and methods?

Reading, Technical and Soft skills upgradation constantly, sharing & seeking knowledge, best practices, creative application of knowledge and being passionate

How do you convince or sell Risk Management to other executives? 

Making them partners and stakeholders

Advice for the teams that are doing digital innovation

Be passionate about being up the curve, be creative, visualize the future and seek domain expertise

Which two organizations outside of your own do you know the most people at and why?

Regulator’s office and Industry — networking

What inspires you? What are your aspirations?

People who manage to surmount all challenges and odds to come up in life. My aspirations in life Is to add value to the world, the country, the society, my friends, My family and myself

How do you keep yourself stress-free from challenges in your current role?

Optimistic and believe that God (some invisible & universal force) is with me – so would manage to come out of the ensuing stress scenario while I continue to doggedly pursue the tasks in hand with a positive spirit. Further, pursue hobbies and sports to ensure mind is refreshed.

If not in Risk Profession, where would you have been?

Creative pursuits

Something that People Don’t know about you?


You are a new addition to the crayon box, What color would you be and why?

Red stands for risk

Advice to students and young aspirants who want to build their career in Risk Management.

Sharpen your technical proficiency skill sets, be creative, develop analytical skills, develop skills to connect the dots by visualising the big picture and future – you would need to be sharp, visualize various scenarios — simulations, timescales and optimistic/ pessimistic, cultivate patience and tenacity


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