• November 12, 2017

Venkata Satish Guttula


Rediff.com India Ltd.


Director – Security

Define yourself for what you are known for?

Straightforward no-nonsense go-getter

How does your average day look like?

The day begins with checking the news for any zero-day vulnerabilities, any new malware or ransomware and how to mitigate the threat. Share the details and help the team to patch. Meeting with management discussing latest strategies. Discussing with the team about implementing security in new projects, making a plan and getting it executed. Getting applications and networks scanned periodically, checking SIEMs and WAFs etc.

What does your current role mean to you?

This current role means a lot to me as I am responsible for the safeguard of the information from any risks.

What helped you to achieve your current Position/Role?

My flair towards information security and to protect and safeguard information and data.

As a Risk Leader what keeps you awake at night?

Zero-day vulnerabilities

Your vision for Risk Strategies in future? How are you going to beat Challenges?

Keep up with the fast-changing dynamics in infosec. Keep all software up to date, look out for zero-day patches and apply them immediately.

How do you keep up with the latest Risk/security issues and methods?

Read news, blogs, attend summits & conferences, attend training, exchange notes with leaders and developers.

How do you convince or sell Risk Management to other executives? 

Make them understand by making presentations with relevant data and examples

Advice for the teams that are doing digital innovation

Security should be considered in every phase of SDLC.

Which two organizations outside of your own do you know the most people at and why?

Came across many infosec professionals from BFSI, manufacturing, services in many summits and conferences as everyone has a common goal to keep cyberspace safe for common people.

What inspires you? What are your aspirations?

New challenges which are faced every day makes you go and learn and keep you updated to make this world safe from cybercriminals.

How do you keep yourself stress-free from challenges in your current role?

Keeping oneself updated with the technologies and risks brings down the stress as you are aware how to beat the challenge

If not in Risk Profession, where would you have been?

Flying aeroplanes

Something that People Don’t know about you?

I have a humor side as well

You are a new addition to the crayon box, What color would you be and why?

White. Even though it is not mostly used but it got power to erase the mistakes

Advice to students and young aspirants who want to build their career in Risk Management.

As the world is running towards digitization it is becoming more and more important for us to protect ourselves from the risks it brings. New talents and fresh ideas are needed for the increasing job opportunities in the Risk Management.

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