• July 28, 2020

DevSecOps and Container 101 for Security Teams

Thursday, 30 July 2020 | 07:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Containerization has come a long way, and containers have entirely revolutionized the way companies build, test, package, and deliver software today.  Containers live in an ecosystem and are not deployed standalone within an enterprise. The use of containers is commonly associated with rapid DevOps-style workflows as a way to streamline service delivery from development into production (and back again) with a high degree of consistency throughout the lifecycle. The use of containers doesn’t require DevOps, nor does the use of DevOps require containers, but the two approaches are highly complementary, are used together in most places.

While containers have been an accelerated software delivery and provided controls to developers, it has created some unique challenges for the security teams to secure the infrastructure. Running containers and Kubernetes in production requires security and visibility, but the traditional security tools and methodologies are not adequate. Hence it is crucial for security teams to understand what containers are how they run and what are the options and techniques to secure them.

In the session, we will talk about how one can create DevSecOps culture inside the organization with an introduction to containers from the security perspective and how security teams can adopt new tools and technologies for container security.

About the Speaker

Deep Shankar Yadav

InfoSec and DFIR Practitioner

Deep Shankar Yadav is an InfoSec & DFIR practitioner with 8+ years of experience ranging from digital forensics to application security to infrastructure security. His main areas of interest and expertise are DFIR, Cloud Security, Cloud-Native Security, and container security.

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